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Pre-Order FAQ


What's a pre-order? A pre-order is an order for an item that has not yet been made physically available, with the understanding that it will ship later. When we list an item as a pre-order, it means we've started the process of manufacturing the item and it will ship when we receive the finished product from our manufacturer.

When will my pre-order item ship? We list the estimated shipping date in the item description for all of our pre-order items. So far this date has been accurate to within 4 days, but we don't have a lot of control over the manufacturing process and it could potentially take longer. We'll send out an update if this happens, but as a good rule of thumb, check your item's description!

What should I do if I want an in stock item and a pre-order item? Orders that contain both in stock and pre-order items will ship when the pre-order item comes into stock. If you'd like to receive the in stock item immediately, please order it separately. You can use the code PREORDERPALS for 20% off any order containing pre-order items. (This offer won't combine with other discounts.)

What should I do if I don't want a pre-order item anymore, now that I know it won't ship immediately? Get in touch with us at as soon as possible and we'll figure out the details.